Saturday, April 21, 2007

Surgery on the hop

Greetings from Nata in central Panama! It's been another eventful week, this time with some minor surgury in a town called La Chorrero. For 2 months I've been trying to walk with a wounded big toe. The wound struggled to heal & over the past month it had resulted in an in-grown nail. I was in a lot of pain every step! I was dreading having to see a doctor as cost is a major issue for me, but I'm still gob-smacked at what eventuated. I meet Padre Jose, who, struggling to understand my poor Spanish, took me to his English speaking friend. On the way over I managed to communicate to him that my foot was badly injured. Incredibly, his friend was a doctor & the Padre was quick to ask for help on my behalf. By the time I left La Chorrero some 24 hours later I'd had an initial consultation, 30min surgery to remove the nail and part of the wound, a follow-up consultation at which I received a pack of supplies to keep me walking & healing and a night in the towns best hotel to rest up - ALL at the expense of the good (or should i say great) Dr Rolando and his wife Dalia. It was his contribution to the mission! Now there's a model of Christianity if I've ever seen it. Ask & you shall receive and don't worry about the cost, it's all pre-paid! i couldn't believe their generosity. I've now covered over 100km with my new improved toe & I'm thoroughly enjoying the change-up. The wet season is fast approaching here with the first big storm rolling through last night so that should make the next few months interesting. My 1st pair of boots are nearly worn through & my hopes of having them re-soled were dashed when I discovered that South & Central American stores don't stock size 16 soles. Nor do they stock size 16 boots. So in the end I emailed Paddy Pallin (adventure store) in Australia & they are sending a brand new pair of Scarpa's across sometime over the next few weeks. Thank you James McQeen! That's all from here for now. Remember, it's all pre-paid - please pray for unity! And no, I haven't yet found a restaraunt to spend my 40cents at... Ciao, Samo.
ps: I had a ball reading the comments / names on the last entry. Great to hear from everyone! God bless.


Anonymous said...

Ow!! Well, thank the Lord (and the good doctor and his wife) that your toe is on the mend. Will pray for complete healing.

Louise, Nick and kids

Lynda said...

Hi Sam,

Nothing worse than walking with a bad toe. You are a champion for having walked for so long being injured. Thanks for your inspiration.

God bless from lynda

Jeff said...

Hey Sam,

You are in our thoughts and prayers each day and even though for years now i have had my alarm set to 4:01pm every day it hasn't been till recently that at that time i would actually stop say a short prayer then continue with my day.

In the past it was pretty much just turning off the alarm and with not much more than a thought of Unity in the church would be nice. Anyway lets have a drink to Unity :)



P.S. Your invited to my bday party in 2 weeks not sure if you can make it but the invites there for you :)

Anonymous said...

God's great isn't He?? How much we miss out on because we are too scared, or don't believe in God's providence enough to just ask? I'm always being reminded of this myself! God bless that doctor and his wife, it was relieving to hear how well he took care of you Sam....make sure you keep that foot dry in the wet season!

Prayers and blessings

Anonymous said...

Sam, I just had an idea...are you able to put your bsb and account number on your website so then people are able to make donations via the internet to help you? It's secure because people can only make deposits with that information and there isn't a minimum with internet bank transfers and its free (that way even if people can only afford little donations they can still make them). What do you think?


micah said...

i ran accross your site today randomly, and will be praying for the unity of believers as well. I did prayer walking in Turkey years ago and met someone who has a deep passion for it and understanding. his website is Christ be with you.

Martin, Lisa, Olivia, Emily & Julian Pannell said...

Great idea Robyne! Love to you from Wollongong ;)