Monday, May 7, 2007

Playing Catch-up in Costa Rica

Christmas came and Christmas went - no new boots. After waiting 7 days in the city of David they still hadn't arrived so I'm now playing catch-up in Costa Rica as I try to get back on schedule. In holy boots I walk... And the hole is getting bigger by the hour. The post office in David had closed down 2 months earlier so the mail system is in a shambles. A seperate package sent from Tasmania (World Youth Day Cards) on the same day arrived 4 days prior to my arrival in David, so we're at a complete loss as to where the boots are. If they were stolen I feel sorry for the guy who opens it up to discover a size 16 pair of boots. Good luck selling them! David was very frustrating for me. I had very little to do, was staying in a pensioners hostel ($4 a night!) & had no one to speak to for most of the time. I met a few Padres & the Methodist Minister, who was a gem of a bloke. He was so hospitable and genuine - a man with passion & humilty. His wife is battling cancer so he has a lot on his plate as can be imagined but it was, from what I could see, bringing out the very best in him. Please pray for them. If the boots do arrive in David the fellow at Caritas, Xiegdal, will send them on to me. Xiegdal went out of his way time after time to help me out & still is. Thanks mate! The one funny thing to happen in David was as I trudged back to the hostel one afternoon I found myself walking alone through the afternoon down-pour. I whislted away as I walked & as I stopped at an intersection I finished my little tune off with a 'wolf wihstle', not really thinking about what I was doing. At that precise moment, a young, attractive lady happened to step out from the corner right in front of me. She was taken back by my apparent brashness & turned quickly, crossing the road. My spanish is pathetic so apologising would have been futile & so I just stood there in my embarrassment. I continued my walk & a few minutes later I was over my slip-up. I found myself gazing at the buildings on the other side of the street as I walked but then realised that someone on the other side was looking back at me. I re-focussed & realised that, yes, it was the same gril - & she thought I was staring at her. Once again, she turned her head shaprly and stormed off. Oh, the humility. I was glad to make it to the hostel & lock myself in my room. I'm now on the Costa Rican coast & almost back on schedule. A bloke on a motorbike pulled over to say hello, having no idea who I was, & I couldn't believe my eyes, he was wearing a World Youth Day t-shirt! Turns out he's coming to Sydney so I invited him to come & stay in Tasmania before hand (if you are from outside Australia, check out to see how you can be spolied by the local parishes & stay in on of the most beautiful places on earth enroute to World Youth Day in July 2008!). Lots happening in the upcoming week but I'll leave that for next weeks blog... God bless and please keep praying! Sam.
"May they brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me." John 17:23


Joe said...

G'day Big Fella,

I can't believe this adventure that you are on. What an amazing experience it must be and I will certainly keep you in my prayers daily.

I look forward to reading about more of your adventures.

God Bless Mate,

Joe Hicks

P.S. Be careful with those wolf-whistles, you don't want to be chased out of town by an angry father/husband. (hee hee)

Reg said...

Hi Sam! I think of you at 4.01 each day. A great and worthy cause.
Sad about the boots. Maybe its like the old saying, "the boots on the other foot". Maybe, also, David is not just the name of the town you were in. Maybe there is a guy named David and now he's walking around in Tassie boots!!
As for the whistling; maybe you could pray in tongues as you walk around. People will just think you are a Foreigner (which you are) talking in a strange 'Apple Isle" language. Safer than whisling at the ladies.
Sam, I do hope you get your boots, and you can keep on walkin. They are made for that. Your journey is very inspiring for us, and probably very perspiring for you. Love the photos.

brigid said...
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brigid said...

Hey Sam,
Good on ya! Hope you get your shoes soon, that must really kill! Praying for unity and praying for you. Sent an email round to all my friends about it yesterday, and several of them have emailed back about it already. What you're doing is a great encouragement to all us back here in Oz. It's such a great way to encourage our friends in prayer and unity, and it's really nice to take a break from all the politically correct blaah I'm studying at uni and read something real and uplifting on your page. Thanks for sharing the walk with us! God Bless.

mez said...

hi Sam,
good to read the blogs. You've taken some really spiffy photographs.
tk care.

Magaly said...

Que Dios te bendiga, estoy impactada con el ministerio que tienes y el coraje que muestras en esta misión. Realmente me hubiese gustado que el grupo de jóvenes al que represento pudiese acompañarte en la caminata en Costa Rica.
Gracias por este sacrificio y que todas tus oraciones por la unión de las Iglesias sean hechas realidad conforme al corazón de Dios.
Visita nuestra página web:

Elías said...

Hello Samuel,my name is Elías and I hope you have enjoyed your fast stay in Costa Rica. It is really great that your walking for poor people and for all the other people who are needing our help everyday. Sometimes I don´t understand why we are living in that way. Too many people are needing our help right now and we don't give them anything. And I am sure they would be happy with a simple hug, with a simple smile and love.

I would like to congrulate you and god bless you for all those great ways...

Mark Tenney/Chico/Mr Tumnus/Ming/Wendy said...

El gritoe e a mano oritzo shela di eldora finacoltera shead el pina glitz il bino falto, shen di el namo il benaou il finatio

Love El chico