Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pig Massage & other odd days

On this, my day off in Tierra Blanca, I can't help but think that it was an odd week on the road, walking & praying for unity. Nikki & I covered a massive 396km in 11days to make it this rest day & although nothing like the 'big' incidents of the past few months cropped up, it was certainly a very tough physical & mental stretch. We twice walked over 50km in a day this past week & with the hot Mexican sun bearing down on us it made for some 'gritting of the teeth' days. In a rather bizzare moment, we were caught in a passing storm early one monring & took shelter in a half-collapsed palmleaf-roofed bus stop outside a farm. Within a short space of time were were suddenly joined by a massive pig also looking to shleter from the rain. It wasn't fussed with our presence but took an instant smell-liking to our bag of food & proceeded to try & eat it's way through our bags, boots & walking poles! It just wouldn't stop & it was too big to just push away. Eventually I stopped trying to push it away & instead sratched it behind the ear. Well, the great lump of pork that it was pretty much collapsed on the spot. It closed it's eyes & let me scratch away. I couldn't help myself so I moved on to its shoulder's & gave it the best massage it'll ever get! I'm pretty sure it actually fell asleep. The life of a Mexican pig... On many occasions this past week we have been warned of the dangers along the roads here. People have been very graphic in their discriptions of assaults & other unpleasantries but to date, other than the usual heckling from passers by, the people have been beautiful. I ripped my walking shirt so replaced it with the local Mexican football team shirt. I met some young guys on the side of the road in a forest village & commented to one of the guys (who was wearing the same football shirt) that I should've bought the one he was wearing as it had a collar. I'd only gone another hundred metres down the road when that young guy, a complete stranger, ran up to me and took his shirt off, handing it over to me. He simply said, "It's yours", and ran back up the winding road, shirtless. So, I have two Chivas footy shirts now because a young bloke literally gave me the shirt off his back. On another occasion Nikki & I were passing by an Evangelical Church in a small rural outpost when the guy living next door, seeing that we were checking the church out, waved to us to come over to him. He & his family were members of the church & upon hearing what we were doing, insisted on us staying for lunch. I was more than happy to park myself at the dinner table & we ate & chatted for an hour & a half. We finished by gathering on the front verandah & praying for each other & for unity. By the way, everyone is invited to his daughter's wedding in November if you're passing through :-) And finally, to top off the hospitality, in the middle of nowhere & having walked more than our due distance for the day, I asked a farmer who had just stepped out of a paddock ahead of me if there was anywhere to stay nearby. He nodded & said, "Yes, my home. Come!" And so we did, to a three room bush hut in a small isolated village called Ninos Heroes (it's not even on my map). I got the wood plank bed & Nikki got the hammock next to the parrot & rooster. It was a meek living but the farmer, his wife & their two daughters were great hosts & giving in every sense of the word. Just don't ask Nikki about the long drop. Just don't. I reckon if you lit a match near it you'd wipe out half of Mexico. It was great though to see that despite the fear many of the locals had for our safety, it was counter-acted by acts of kindness & generosity. From here it is a long haul up into 3000m high Mexico City over 10days. It is day 218 of 572 (I feel a little like Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves writing that...) but my resolve is stronger now than when I started that the Lord's heart is for unity. True unity. It's a long road ahead though. Please pray on & feel free to send my mum a birthday message at!
God bless, Sam.
"You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day." Psalm 91:5

(ps: " not throw your pearls to pigs" Matt 7:6)


Miguel said...

"but my resolve is stronger now than when I started that the Lord's heart is for unity. True unity. It's a long road ahead though."

"The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man that they are vanity."

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways sayith the Lord.

"If therefore the Light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness."


PS I do not say these things to make you feel bad...but to make you consider...think on these things. The Lord reveals these things unto babes (those who are child like) and hides them from the wise and prudent of this world...

Steph said...

feedback on your pig befriending adventure...

"So son, what did you get up to today."

"well, [says sam] you see i decided to give a masage to a pig."

"so what have you gained from this experience?"

"I've decided that when i grow up i wanna be a pig masseus."

:P enjoy, i know its corny, stay real samo, and may the Lords light shine with favour upon you both,