Sunday, February 11, 2007

Injured on road to Eldorado 11/2/2007

Hello everyone!
After a marathon sprint across the Amazon Basin I have made it to Venezuela and walking again. I crossed the border yesterday on a 35km walk into the highlands where I have spent the day. Yesterday I was asked how old I was and I replied, "27". The person continued talking and then I stopped them and said, "No, it's my birthday today, I´m 28!" I celebrated with... a long walk.
I have an injury as the heading suggests. After a few thousand km through very dangerous places I have torn my glute (butt muscle) whilst getting into my hammock. How typical. And you may well ask, "How do you tare your glute getting into a hammock?!"And to you I say, "Don´t ask silly questions." The injury inhibates sleep and sitting but I'm still fine to walk thankfully.
I might take this oppurtunity to talk briefly about Unity of Christians in light of injuries. Firstly, I'll quickly list my injuries thus far over 28 years.
I've broken 15 bones, I've dislocated my shoulder several times, I've had two shoulder reconstructions, two ankle reconstructions, 7 stitches in my finger, 3 in my eye-brow, skinned my foot in a bike wheel, I've had Pneumonia twice, was asthmatic as a child, have been biten by a snake and once upon a time tore my left glute whilst hopping into my hammock.
The point is this; all of those injuries have hurt and most of them would have stopped me form walking around the world, if not at least made it very uncomfortable. Yet despite all these injuries, I am still able to walk around the world. Each injury was treated and allowed to heal. It requried humilty to slow down and allow healing to take plcae and it often hurt even more in attending to it (putting a dislocated shoulder back in is the classic case). So too with Christians, it requires humilty and patience to allow injuries to heal and more often than not it's the intial 'attending to' that hurts the most, but the consequences of not attending to hurts or injuries is far worse. Imagine if the doctor had discarded the part of my body that was injured because it no longer functioned as it should. I´d have one leg, no arms, a pretty warped looking torso and a very gummy smile. The Church is the Body of Chirst and the Body of Christ is broken. Please pray for unity and may we always approach unity with humilty and reverence!
And always be careful climbing into hammocks.
Peace, Sam.

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Marshall said...

Gday Mr Samuel,

Marshall Miller here. Nice analogy with the bodily injuries/broken bones and the body of Christ being broken. Your debriefing skills have always been grand. That analaogy has given me more motivation to pray for Unity for some reason. Anyway, nice to see you going well, injured butt, but well. Hopefully You still check comments from a couple of months back. Peace buddy