Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Km88, Venezuela 13/2/2007

I've reached Km88 (a town) at the bottom of the Venezuelan Highlands. I walked across the most amazing National Park I've ever seen. It is a rolling savanha with rivers and waterfalls everywhere and it's surrounded by 2000 - 3000m high mountains that are almost vertical the whole way up and flat on top (this is the home off Angel Falls). The indigenous people still call it home and were very friendly and welcoming. The lack of banks since crossing the border though meant that I ran out of money and food today. I walked this morning for 5 hours up and down mountains before reaching a place where I could have breakfast. I prayed a rosary and foccused on the sorrowful mysteries... I've eaten like a horse since. A very big thankyou to everyone in Brazil who welcomed me and looked after me. A particularly big thankyou to the people of Patos for a very Brazillian Christmas! Still praying hard and walking to who know's where and smiling 'most' of the way. Have had some run-ins with Pentecostals who've accused me of not being Christian because I am Catholic and that I shouldn't be walking for unity as it already exists between Christians (it's just that I'm not one of them apparently). I've found this humbling, particularly as this is the exact reason I'm walking but there was no point in arguing so on I walk and on I pray. Peace be with you all!
ps: yes mum, I now have money and food :-)


julie said...

Dear Sam,
Checked the site for the first time and prayed at 4:01 41. Thanks for doing this. Will put something in my parish magazine next issue. Heard U2 today and thought of you, then read how much you've bben singing their songs. Hey have you thought about asking Bono to walk with you? He might just!
May the road(or whatever is underfoot)rise to meet you...
Love the Zaars

Jez said...

Hey Sam, I was just reading the news and came across this following article which I thought would inspire you:

"Churches call for unity under Pope"

How good is that!

God Bless.

- Jez

Pe. Paulo Jackson said...

Hello, Sam!
I am very glad because you are living and well. Puma, wrong road, gun, hunger, thirst, etc. No problem because nothing will be able to come between us and the love of God. Please, read: 2Cor 11,22-31. This Paul's experience be your consolation. You have our prayers. God conduct us to unity.
God bless you.
Father Paulo Jackson
(Patos - Brasil)