Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bush, Bin Laden, Onions & Umbrellas

Hello! It's been a hard slog on the road to El Sombrero but I've made it. Venezuela isn't the place to be at the moment. I watched the President on tv last night deliver a speech to 1000's of screaming fans on the evils of the USA. There were Russian 'Sickle & Hammer' flags flying and a huge sign calling for Bush to be assasinated. It was frightening to watch. I have to be very careful not to be mistaken as American. The hospitality is still up and down, though I've been blessed with a number of free meals at restaraunts so for that I'm grateful. On the lighter side of life I did manage to spill a can of condensed milk over my bible and diary, which are now sratch and win tickets. I've been a big winner so far!! I also had a guy ask me yesterday why I was carrying a picture of Osama Bin Laden in my itinerary folder. I almost choked on my orange juice as I explained it was actually St Pio (Padre Pio) from Italy. I don't think he was convinced. I also managed to arrive at a town with one shop & as I sat on the shop steps getting my money in order to buy dinner the owner closed up and refused to reopen! So for dinner I ended up having 3 bran biscuits, a small mango & half a raw onion - now there's a challenge for any celebrity cook! My story of the week though comes from a town 100km east of here where I was sitting on some steps eating lunch. On the other side of the road I watched a lady enter a house with an open umbrella that was too large for the doorway & thus jammed. She turned & looked at the umbrella, ROTATED it and tried again. I thought to myself, "You didn't just rotate a round abject to get it through a square frame did you?" Sure enough, she rotated it again and tried to pull it through. At this point my jaw dropped and I could see her thinking about the problem at hand. I thought, "Don't you dare rotate it for a third time," but she couldn't read my thoughts & so, for a third time, rotated the umbrella & pulled hard. Thankfully, a person form within the house came to her aid and twisted the umbrealla through the doorway. For the past four days I have been contemplating this moment in human history and trying to understand what I saw. I'm still baffled. Happy St Patrick's Day for next week & please keep me in your prayers. Please pass on the invitation to pray for unity at 4:01! God bless, Sam.


Martin, Lisa, Olivia, Emily & Julian Pannell said...

Prayers from all your fans here in Australia. MP

Steve said...

Hi Sam
Inspirational stuff. Thanks for doing something like this and showing me there's still some hope out there

Praying for ya mate
Steve Proud

Liz said...

Hi Sam,
Pannell sent me to link to your blog, which I was really happy about. Now I can hear about all you adventures... and my goodness, what a HUGE advernture you are having.
I really admire you for your courage and willingness to go"to the ends of the earth" for God (literally!) You are such a soldier for Christ. I'll be praying for your health and safety, and of course for unity and conversions!
Can you believe Richard and I are getting married in less than 4 months??? You can be a part of our wedding by praying for us on July 7th if you like!!!!!!!
Hope the journey continues to be one of many blessings for you.

Irma said...

Hi Sam,
The first time I read about this was through CathNews. And I thought you were just great! What you're doing most certainly is a witness of your strong faith and great love for God. I promise to pray for you and with you, together with all the others @ 4.01pm.
May the Holy Spirit be with you always.
God bless.
Irma Escalante