Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Private Freeway to Barquisimeto

Hello fine people! I write from Barquisimeto in the northern Andes, Venezuela! The journey for Unity continues with much prayer & adventure. I lost my sombrero in Ortiz so I'm now sporting a Puma cap through the mountains (rather fitting I thought). Just out of Ortiz I guy piffed a rock at me from his verandah as I walked past, thankfully he missed. I muttered, "coward" and kept walking. I would have liked to have gone over and said 'hello' but instead decided to add him to my intercessory prayer list. I also had a road on my map that didn't exist. The alternative route added 50km over 3 days. This would be tough at the best of times but food poisoning half way through really dented my hopes. Despite being violently sick during the evening I made a reasonably quick recovery & by 2.30pm the next day decided to hit the road again with a bag full of water and food. Much like Forest Gump, I had some people join me for the walk. They didn't join me specifically for Unity, they just joined me for a walk... I walked and prayed well into the night. My path was a brand new, unopened freeway. It was briliant. I interceeded & sang my way 30km to a Military check point where I slept in my hammock, slung under the trailer of a semi they'd confiscated. After an early start I completed the trip the next day a few hours after sunset, scooting along my own private freeway. Still recovering from the sickness and quite tired but enjoying the journey and the oppurtunity to do more for the Unity of Christians. My highlight for the week was actually a few hours before the sickness set in. I met some young guys who were very friendly and they took me on a push-bike tour of their town in the evening. The breeze was cool, the bike was relaxing and I just sat at the back of the pack peddling casually with a littel smile that said, 'I'm content'. Oh, I also had a hot shower last night - my 1st in 81days. Thanks to Brendan Donoghue you can now view the first ten days of my journey on Youtube! You can go to and search for 'Walk for Unity around the world Ep.1'. Thanks Brendan! And as Paul Rowse from Melbourne commented, "Make 4:01 a daily favourite!" God bless, Sam.

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