Monday, March 26, 2007

Walk 4 Unity - Episode 1

This is the first ten days of my unity walk around the world. Special thanks to Brendan Donoghue for putting this together! God bless, Sam.


Andrew said...

HEY SAMO! brother it's andy here from Adelaide team last year. bro i'm at Uni this year Tabor, not sure if you've heard of it. Anyways it's a multidenominational teritary education. On my pencial case I wrote 4:01pm pray for Unity. And bro nearly everyone in my course has asked me what it means, so basically so many people at my uni have been inspired by you and your journey and are praying for unity.
Also every Thursday night after uni nearly my whole lecture class heads to the local maccas and just talk about our faith and life in general etc. in the group we have people from all different churches; AOG, Church of Christ, Baptist, Anglican, Uniting, Salvos and I'm the only Catholic. The point is this brother, all these people from different churches learning about how their church praises God. I have not once be discrimenated against for being Catholic, infact i constanly have people asking about it and wanting me to explain to them to they understand why we do what we do. we are a living fruits of your walk brother. just wanted you to know this so you know that your walk is bringing unity within the church. God Bless Sam
You have Tabor Adelaide praying for unity

Martin, Lisa, Olivia, Emily & Julian Pannell said...

Great comments Andy - & good on ya bro fro being an awesome witness to Unity. It would be great to have your friends from Tabor visit the site & say hello. We're praying for you Sam. We had the Gillies (Rich, Ruth etc) over last night around a backyard campfire (you would have loved it!) & after everyone left I sat outside by the fire for a while thinking of you & praying for Unity. Something that really struck me is that Jesus came for this unity & desires it more than all of us, so yes, we really should pray for Unity. You're an inspiration mate! Peace, MP & fam.